About us

Commitment to the Environment

ISO14001 (environmental management system) certification acquired for administrative and planning divisions and Tokyo head office.
We have introduced a system for managing the environmental impact of all our corporate activities (design and supervision), and have acquired ISO14001 certification for the Yamashita Sekkei Administrative Division, Planning Division, and Tokyo Head Office.
We employ the environmental management system in our design services to ensure environmental considerations are taken at all times. In August 2005 we switched over operation to the ISO14001:2004 version.


We are broadly and deeply involved in environmental conservation in our architectural and urban development work, in order to protect the beautiful, irreplaceable environment and pass it on in good condition to coming generations.
In promoting these activities, we endeavor to act in accord with the five basic policies outlined below.

Applicable standards
JISQ14001:2004 / ISO14001:2004
Certification date
February 28, 2000
Revision date
March 1, 2010
Certificate number
Assessment and Certification Organization
The Building Center of Japan (BCJ)
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