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Yamashita Sekkei Inc. policy on personal information protection

Yamashita Sekkei Inc. (“the Company”) considers the protection of our customers’ privacy as a matter of utmost importance.
The Company shall endeavor to safeguard customers’ personal information and other matters requiring privacy (“Personal Information, etc.”), to make clear the purposes for their use, and to ensure the accuracy of information.
This Privacy Policy shall be the policy explained when the Company handles customer Personal Information, etc.
This Privacy Policy shall be applicable only to information collected by the Company on this website.
The use of information provided on the websites of Group companies linked to from this site is outside the scope of the Company’s responsibility.

Definition of personal information

The Company defines all information that can be used to identify the individual as personal information.

Asking for personal information

When obtaining personal information, such as for making inquiries, we notify the customer in advance of the purpose for which the information will be used and how it will be used, and make use of it within an appropriate scope. The information is not used for purposes other than those specified in advance. Effective management measures are taken to ensure the information is not used for other than the intended purposes.

Use of cookies

The Company may make use of Web browser cookies for the above-mentioned purposes. A cookie is a small amount of data sent by a Web server and stored on the user’s hard disk drive by the browser.
A cookie itself does not store the user’s e-mail address; but when the user provides Personal Information, etc. to the Company, a cookie identifies the communication terminal, etc., by which the user is accessing the Company’s website.
A cookie cannot be used to obtain data stored on the user’s hard disk drive or information identifying the individual such as e-mail address.
By means of option settings in Web browsers, the user can choose to be notified when a cookie is accepted or can choose not to accept cookies.

Use of personal information, etc.

With the exception of legal obligations or other legitimate causes, the Company will not use the Personal Information, etc. of customers for purposes other than those declared when collecting the information.

Provision of personal information, etc. to a third party

The Company will not, in the absence of extenuating circumstances, provide the Personal Information, etc. of customers to a third party without prior consent of customers.

Organizational structure for personal information management

The Company appoints a personal information management officer and has set up the necessary organization for managing personal information. In addition, personnel are appointed separately to be in charge of handling inquiries from customers on personal information protection and in charge of internal auditing, in order to maintain the transparency of personal information management.

Revision or deletion of Personal Information, etc.

When customers discover errors in their own Personal Information, etc. kept by the Company and request its revision or deletion, the Company will treat such requests appropriately, asking the customer for confirmation of identity so as to prevent leaking of personal information.

Contacting the Company

Please make use of the Inquiry Form provided on this website when asking questions about the Privacy Policy.

Update notice

This Privacy Policy statement was updated October 1, 2010.

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