The solutions required of architectural design change with the times, and advanced and complex expertise is required due to the diversification and complexity of clients’ needs. As a comprehensive architectural design office with professionals in various fields, we utilize our knowledge and experience to provide solutions matched to the project characteristics that maximize architectural value.


We put together a project team to carry out the work. The team is made up of experts in architectural design, structural planning, mechanical and electrical equipment design, cost design, landscape design and interior design. We pursue the realization of high quality buildings that are not just superficial shapes, but are also economically sound, environmentally friendly, functional, comfortable and safe. In addition to our in-house architects and engineers, in order to meet clients’ needs, we form the optimal team for the project’s characteristics through collaboration with designers and consultants all over the world.


As one of the first architectural design companies to expand overseas in the 1970s, we have been involved in over 200 projects in 50 countries around the world, including Asia, North and Central America, Russia, the Middle East, Oceania and Africa. The projects include museums, Japanese Embassy buildings, universities, hospitals, research institutes, hotels and factories for Japanese companies. We have won several awards in overseas competitions for our accomplishments. With partners in major countries, our strength is our total project management services from design to consulting and construction supervision.


From the global environment as represented by CO2 reduction to indoor thermal environments that affect intellectual productivity, we work to improve consistency with architectural design and rationality with structural design. As well as providing the best environment suited to the building’s use, thinking beyond a simple energy-saving concept, we aim to create facilities that will retain their attraction for the facility operators, users and others for a long time.


The types and shapes of buildings differ widely depending on their purpose and use. There are also various structural materials and structural technologies to choose from. Well-versed in all these technology and material options and with a wealth of experience and specialist knowledge, our engineers cooperate with our architectural designers and equipment designers so that we as an organization meet the diverse needs of our clients. With assurance of structural safety as our top priority, we perform structural design that takes into account functionality, livability, durability, economy and ease of construction to provide safe and secure buildings.


Through collaboration with a broad range of experts inside and outside the company in fields such as urban planning, project planning, design supervision, project management and environmental architecture, we offer the optimal services for the diverse needs of our clients. Cities and buildings live on while accumulating people’s memories and urban development that connects these memories to the future is important. Taking a long-term view of needs and values that change with the times, we integrate and coordinate a wide range of elements, from establishing a broad-based vision of future cities to building a framework of regions and districts and creating spaces that connect architectural design to cities.


Escalating project costs arising from the state of the construction economy or construction delays due to bidding failure are major risks that can affect the success of a project.
In cost management, we facilitate project implementation by performing optimal cost management, taking into account the balance between design and function from the standpoint of the client, from the initial design phase to detailed design, ordering and completion.


We incorporate local history and the natural environment to design innovative landscapes that perfectly harmonize nature, architecture and cityscapes.
From landscape formation involved in architectural design to cityscapes and public spaces such as squares that connect people and urban areas, we do design work at various scales and provide pleasant environments and spaces.


In each design process, we plan and review. Our interior planners, lighting consultants and other licensed and experienced specialists design the interior space right down to the furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E), lighting, window treatment and signage artwork.