In building asset management, it is important to enhance the facility environment daily and to maximize asset value. We grasp individual needs related to building maintenance, management, renovation and operation and offer solutions to realize a safe, secure, pleasant and clean facility environment.


Life cycle management (LCM) aims to extend the service life of buildings. We meet clients’ needs to keep on using buildings for a long time by realizing various proposals across a broad spectrum, including optimization of maintenance costs, minimization of resource and energy consumption, reduction of environmental impacts and minimization of disaster risks for the lifetime of the building from the project planning phase to design, construction, operation and demolition.


The continuity of specific business activities in the event of a sudden disaster and the resumption of normal operations as quickly as possible are important issues.
Through business continuity planning support, we comprehensively evaluate the required functions, from disaster mitigation measures to minimize damage such as the assumed disruption of power, telecommunications and water supplies in times of disaster, to recovery measures to restore important functions and resume operations within the target recovery time, and propose the optimal business continuity performance.


Our professional engineers perform surveys and diagnosis based on extensive experience and proven skills in each field. In architectural planning surveys, we gather and analyze information that forms the basic conditions for architectural planning. In acoustic diagnosis, we propose the target performance for creating pleasant acoustic space as well as soundproofing and anti-vibration measures. In building degradation diagnosis, we survey the degradation status of buildings and equipment and propose appropriate short-term and long-term maintenance plans. In asbestos surveys, we conduct survey questionnaires and perform component analysis by sampling and propose measures tailored to the circumstances when a building is demolished or renovated.


Buildings are our clients’ important assets. Based on a survey of whether a building will collapse in the event of a major earthquake and what kind of reinforcements should be made to prevent its collapse, we draw up proposals in an integrated process from technical reports to seismic retrofit design.