The tasks facing the owners of construction projects are many and varied. Leveraging our proven record in project management in a broad range of areas beyond design and supervision, including comprehensive construction project planning, development of project schemes, schedule and personnel adjustment, and transparency of the ordering process, we provide solutions to issues related to new business or existing facilities from the standpoint of the client and offer innovative approaches to project planning and management that help to bring projects to successful outcomes.


Project management entails providing comprehensive support for the whole project from the standpoint of the client. We provide project management services for facilitating a project while defining the roles and responsibilities of the persons involved and maximizing their skills, technical support services for optimizing quality (Q) + cost (C) + delivery (D) with a focus on the life cycle of the facilities after commencement of operation, and procurement support services that ensure greater accountability by enhancing the transparency of the ordering process. In this way, we facilitate construction projects by the optimal scheme for the characteristics of the project.


We carry out a multi-angled feasibility study prior to project implementation and evaluate the project’s potential for success. Starting with site analysis, we quantify and visualize the project’s feasibility based on examination of the project concept, calculation of the cost, market analysis, and income and expenditure review.


Based on the results of the feasibility study, we draw up a concrete project plan. With more detailed input information, we create a project plan incorporating the client’s wishes into the design and construction phases.


In facility management, we improve profitability and productivity and enhance the quality and value of buildings by comprehensively optimizing the life cycle costs ranging from design and construction to overall operation and maintenance (maintenance, operation, renovations and replacements, facility management, etc.).


Drawing on our wealth of experience and expertise, we offer consulting services in a wide variety of fields, including architectural, urban and environmental planning, private finance initiatives (PFI), public-private partnerships (PPP), energy conservation, healthcare and design supervision.