Yawata City Hall


The main features of the new main government building are its function as a “disaster prevention government building” and its role as part of the “construction of Yawata Terrace.” As a disaster prevention government building, in addition to earthquake countermeasures, the building was required to be able to respond reliably to water damage caused by river flooding, as it is located at the confluence of the Kizugawa, Ujigawa, and Katsura rivers. For this reason, we have adopted a seismic isolation structure with the capitals on the first floor, with the main functions of the city hall located on the second floor and above, and we have an emergency takeoff and landing pad on the roof to facilitate disaster response activities. “Yawata Terrace” is a general term for the area of relaxation and activity for citizens that consists of the entire site, including the new main government building, current government building, and cultural center. The new main government building plays a part in this, with a piloti space in front of the entrance that continues from the promenade that makes use of the existing camphor trees, an entrance hall on the first floor that is designed for multipurpose use, and a staircase that connects the third and fourth floors. We have prepared a variety of spaces for citizens and staff to expand their range of interactions and activities, including a citizen plaza with different views, an observation lobby on the top floor, and a glass-walled assembly hall facing the observation lobby. With the completion of the new main government building as a milestone, we aimed to create a town that would be more loved by citizens, centered around Yawata Terrace.

Address Yawata City, Kyoto
Building Type Government Office
Completion March, 2023
Total floor area 11,839㎡
Structure SRC, S(CFT)
Floors 7F