Toyama Cemetery Toyama City Funeral Hall


This is a large funeral hall with 12 cremation furnaces that mainly meet the demand for cremation services in Toyama City. Taking advantage of the site’s location in the countryside at the foot of the Tateyama Mountain range and adjacent to the Joganji River, we aimed for both an open funeral space with a panoramic view of the Toyama landscape and the smooth operation of a large funeral hall. The waiting area is concentrated on the second floor, where visitors can fully enjoy the view of the mountains, river, and countryside. The long and deep porte-cochere with a protruding waiting area facilitates the entry and exit of the large number of people entering and leaving the funeral hall, and also allows for the smooth operation of ceremonies even on rainy or snowy days. This is a new place to say goodbye where the deceased can spend time with the familiar scenery while being close to the deceased during cremation.

Address Toyama City, Toyama
Completion March, 2022
Total floor area 3,488㎡
Structure RC, S, SRC
Floors 2F