Kakyoin 1-chome Urban Redevelopment Project Solala Plaza and Solala Garden Sendai-shi, Miyagi Prefecture


The urban redevelopment project is made up of two subdivisions, Solala Plaza (commercial and hotel buildings) and Solala Garden (housing and industry). A skillfully planned pedestrian network links these with the Kakyoin district, revitalizing the downtown area as a whole. The purpose of the redevelopment project was to make the entire district into a new attractive urban area in front of Sendai Station, as a 21st-century multifunction city space with plenty to enjoy by people of all generations. 

Structure Solala Plaza CFT, Solala Garden RC, partly S
Floors Solala Plaza 14F/B1F, Solala Garden 29F/B1F
Total floor area Solala Plaza 27,364㎡, Solala Garden 25,392m
Completion Feb-10
Award Feb-10