Shanghai Eastern Hepatobiliary Surgery Hospital, Anting Shanghai, China

Photo : Shinkenchiku-sha Co., Ltd.


Located in Jiading some 20 km west of central Shanghai, this will be a major hospital serving the district, and along with an adjoining national cancer institute will become a center for leading-edge research on liver cancer for all of China.
In addition to the advanced features and flexibility for carrying out the world’s highest level of research and treatment, importance was given to providing an optimal environment for the patients, families, medical staff, and researchers battling the disease of cancer. As the basic concept of the project we proposed the “life flow” of water, greenery, and people running through the entire compound and encompassing the facilities.

Structure RC
Floors 13F/B2F
Total floor area 172,104㎡
Completion Sep-15
Award Sep-15
Note Basic Design: YAMASHITA SEKKEI INC. Detail Design: Shaghai Xian Dai Architectural Design(Group) Co.,Ltd /Capacity 1,500 beds