Ritsumeikan University Nakagawa Hall


This campus is a plan to open three professional graduate schools, including a law school, along with the transfer of the campus headquarters function of the university. The exterior, which mainly consists of brickwork representing the scenery of modern Kyoto and masonry as a symbol of the strictness of the law, is intended to be accepted by local people in the formation of the scenery of Kyoto. The facility has zoning and traffic flow planning according to the four attributes of faculty, graduate students, and outpatients. The library has been set up on the first basement floor to secure the environment and security that allows graduate students to concentrate on learning without disturbing foreign visitors.

Address Chukyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto
Building Type Universities
Completion August, 2006
Total floor area 27,130㎡
Structure SRC造
Floors 7F/B1F