Takasaski Arena Takasaki City, Gunma

Photo : Kawasumi Kobayashi Photo Studio


We aimed at “station front arena” which creates bustle as a new gate of Takasaki station centering on the foyer named “Civic Promenade”. Adjacent to Takasaki Station and the Shinkansen, 90% of the outer circumference is surrounded by routes etc. In order to enhance the potential of the location surrounded by routes etc, visualize the axis connecting the site and the station by the pedestrian deck, and open the civic promenade etc. along the deck By arranging the spaces of activity, people are gathering and enjoying creating new landscapes of the city.

Structure S/RC/SRC
Floors 3F/B1F
Total floor area 26,312㎡
Completion December, 2016
Award 59th BCS Awards
2017 Suzuki Teiji Awards
Japan Sign Design Awards