Nagoya University EI Emergent Engineering Museum


The Nagoya University EI Emergent Engineering Building has drawn the north-south axis that extends from the center of the campus into the new building, extending the “Toori Michi” where many people come and go. In addition, by taking advantage of the differences in height of the site, we created a structure that allows a variety of three-dimensional scenes to unfold along the “Toori Michi” that straddles the first and second floors and traverses the interior and exterior. The second floor has an entrance lobby, hall, and lecture room where research results will be presented, creating a place where people other than residents can have chance encounters and interact with each other as they pass through the area. By providing a variety of spaces both indoors and outdoors, we increase learning options and enjoy diversity.

Address Nagoya City, Aichi
Building Type Universities
Completion September, 2023
Total floor area 17,053㎡
Structure S, CFT
Floors 9F