Hitoyoshi City Hall


In order to make Hitoyoshi City Hall a safe and secure building that protects the citizens, we are planning to adopt a basic seismic isolation structure to reduce the impact on the structure even in the event of repeated large earthquakes. Furthermore, we have planned various backup systems to maintain its function as a disaster prevention base in the event of disasters caused by typhoons or torrential rain. The exterior design incorporates the white plaster walls of the Hitoyoshi Castle turret and the deep eaves of the historical building as elements of the exterior design, creating an open design that is open in all directions and blends in with the surrounding landscape such as the Kuma River and the Hitoyoshi Castle ruins. By doing so, we aimed to make the government building a symbol of the town. We actively utilized high-quality wood from Hitoyoshi Kuma for interior materials to convey the uniqueness of Hitoyoshi, and created a base where people can naturally gather and feel the warmth of wood.

Address Hitoyoshi City, Kumamoto
Completion March, 2022
Total floor area 9,318㎡
Structure RC, S
Floors 5F