Food Company Headquarters Building


This is a rebuilding plan for a medium-sized head office building for a food manufacturer located in a residential area in Yokohama. In an environment surrounded by residential buildings on all four sides of the site, we adopted a configuration that opens inward and closes outward in order to create a highly intellectually productive workplace while being considerate of the living environment of the neighborhood. Did. On the inside, voids form a three-dimensional one-room space, and by installing a top light above it, you can feel the natural light and breeze on each floor. On the other hand, on the outside, RC double walls and potted windows with openings at different positions are used to bring in the natural environment to the right degree and give change to the space, while taking into consideration the arrangement with neighboring houses. By constructing the façade in all directions with potted windows of various sizes and not creating a 360-degree back view, we designed the building to create an appropriate sense of distance without being too closed to the neighborhood. In this way, by reversing the inside and outside, we have realized a diverse one-room space that incorporates the external environment such as the surrounding scenery, light and wind, and where light and dark, stillness and movement change concentrically from the center to the outer periphery.

Address Yokohama City, Kanagawa
Building Type Office
Completion March, 2023
Total floor area 2,987㎡
Structure RC
Floors 4F