Circle of “Forest and People” Mt.Tatsuda Recreational Forest


This public restroom was planned as part of the Kumamoto Art Police project. The theme of the project was to use up trees without wasting any wood, and by using logs, which can utilize almost 100% of trees, as building materials, we reevaluated their value and sought ways to utilize logs, which have no JAS standards and vary in length, thickness, and shape individually, using modern analysis and processing technologies. The reciprocal structure of the frame, which combines logs that have only been stripped of their bark from logs that have different expressions one by one, deepens the relationship between the architecture and nature. To take advantage of local resources, the majority of the timber was procured from Kumamoto Prefecture, and all wood drying, processing, and preservation treatment were completed within the prefecture.

Address Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto
Building Type Recreational Buildings
Completion December, 2021
Total floor area 30㎡
Structure Wood Structure
Floors 1F
Award Kumamoto Art Police Project, Mt. Tatsuda Rest Forest, Festival Plaza Public Restrooms Open Design Competition 2020 Grand Prize