Saitama Sekishinkai Hospital Sayama City, Saitama

Photo : URBAN ARTS, Kera Shinsuke


The main aim of this hospital was to enhance acute care, with three centers: the ER General Medical Center, the Minimally Invasive Cranial Nerve Center, and the Cardiovascular Center.
The plan secures a large area for the three centers such as ICU and operating room by linking many general outpatient functions with clinics. The ward has 4 nursing units per floor to increase speed. In addition, in order to continue to provide medical care even in the event of a disaster, we have enhanced the functions of a regional medical base, such as by implementing absolute infrastructure measures that are more complete than general disaster base hospitals.

Structure RC/S/Isolation structure
Floors 7F
Total floor area 35,180㎡
Completion June, 2018
Award 52th Sign Design Award 2017