Corporate Outline


Name of Firm Yamashita Sekkei Inc.
Establishment May 1st, 1928
Registered Capital 100,000,000yen
Registrations 1st Class Architectural Office (Reg. No. 958)
Construction Consultant Office (Reg. A30No.2712) (Urban & Regional Planning)
Number of employees 449
Number of registered specialists 407
Reg. 1st Class Architect 269
Reg. Engineer 17
Reg. Structural Architect 25
1st-Class Mechanical and Electrical Design Architect 24
Reg. Mechanical Engineer 51
Reg. Quantity Surveyor 9
Reg. Redevelopment Planner 8
Affiliates PMC
Yamashita Technos

As of 28 September. 2021


1928 Yamashita Toshiro Architectural Office
1946 Opened Sendai Office (frmr. Tohoku Branch)
1948 changed name to Yamashita Toshiro Design Office
Opened Osaka Office (frmr. Kansai Branch)
1949 Opened Sapporo Office (frmr. Hokkaido Branch)
1956 Opened Nagoya Office (frmr. Chubu Branch)
1969 Opened Fukuoka Office (frmr. Kyushu Branch)
1974 changed name to Yamashita Sekkei Inc.
1998 ISO 9001 Certification
2000 ISO 14001 Certification
2015 Opened Yangon Office